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Aluminum alloy will be the star of the wire and cable industry

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Aluminum alloy, either from the point of view of production costs, or be considered from the point of view of the scope of application, there is a great potential, is also very likely in the next few years instead of copper core. Together, whether it is the high price of copper, or usher in a new climax with the construction of power grids, will give the development of aluminum alloy and bring opportunities to find the perfect alternative to copper core, leaving the wire and cable manufacturers, to get rid of dependence on copper.

High copper prices in recent years, so that the wire and cable production-oriented enterprises miserable, with the increase of production costs, the meager profits for some wire and cable manufacturers give up on themselves. And even can be said that the phenomenon of the market of shoddy, Quejinduanliang, lack of meters short codes, but also with high copper prices are inextricably linked. The principle of supremacy of the interests, since the customer requirements is a copper cable, in order to win more profits, only in copper brains, therefore dopants the copper wrapped bad phenomena abound in the industry.

In addition to the high prices of copper, own their own advantages, its so dependent otherwise it will not make China's wire and cable manufacturers. Copper has excellent electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, its devotion to the wire and cable manufacturers in China, or even just the annual amount of copper wire and cable industry alone accounts for more than 60% of the country's copper content! But we all know, China is not the copper resources in the country, on the contrary, in China, the the copper resource-poor status quo can not be avoided, the resulting copper prices have been high.

In addition, coupled with China's construction industry, metallurgical industry, chemical industry and so face greater development and adjustment, as well as the acceleration of urbanization, greater business opportunities for aluminum cable, the temperature difference between the central and western regions, span the large, long distance, the aluminum cable cost advantages are clear. Therefore, from the point of view of national policy, the aluminum cable with the development and continuous optimization, instead of copper cable is very possible.