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The current gap between the wire and cable industry

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As national attention to infrastructure, such as the transformation of urban and rural power grid, the development of information highway, communications career to take off, the upgrading of electrical equipment and energy of the requirements is bound to the variety and level of wire and cable have made new requirements. At present, only 30% of the cable to reach the international market varieties can accept and can participate in the level of competition, as well as 70% of the cable variety of urgent need to improve product standards and grades, and in the future will not be much demand for a period of growth, However, the demand for the variety and level of development will be a strong period.

Speed wire and cable industry has also stimulated the development of wire and cable equipment for the rapid development. Over the past decade, wire and cable industry has spent nearly 200 billion yuan for the purchase of wire and cable equipment, with an average annual investment of about 15 billion. Currently, wire and cable industry is adjusting product structure, the species, on the level of prosperity has come more competitive. Wire so much to the survival and development, must spend more money on old equipment renewal and transformation. Wire and cable equipment manufacturers from a planned economy when three or four, the development of nearly one hundred state-owned, collective, joint-stock, private, foreign-funded enterprises co-exist various economic sectors, many large cable plant at a machine shop (factory) also part of the wire and cable manufacturing equipment.

"Small and specialized," "small but excellent", "famous brand" and "strengthening professional collaboration" and "Establishment of strategic OEMs and professional parts plant allies" and other forms of industrial organization has been recognized by the industry. Predict "Eleventh Five-Year" period, each of wire and cable plant to seize the characteristics of a product to a brand name, and gradually form a professional manufacturer of a product, such as copper and aluminum rod processing equipment, professional factory, specialized factory drawing machine, cutter Machine professional factory, specialized plant cabling machine, plastic processing equipment, professional factory, specialized factory beam ray machine, will host a professional manufacturer of series equipment, standardized, universal, comprehensive study of automation, and has established OEM Strategic parts factories and professional allies in the form of industrial organization, work together to raise China's foreign market share, economies of scale production, and gradually developed into a wire and cable equipment with Chinese characteristics, world famous companies.

The existing gap

Technology innovation system has not been formed, independent design and development ability, basically stay in the mapping, the low level of imitation, not fully grasp the wire and cable equipment design technology, there is no wire and cable products, materials, technology and equipment development of combination mechanism. Difficult to avoid the introduction of re-introduction of the vicious circle.

The main products of domestic wire and cable industry can not meet a key production equipment industry development, digestion and absorption is seriously lagging behind, long development cycle, resulting in a large number of imports. According to incomplete statistics, have been imported telephone cable insulated core wire drawing - continuous annealing - more than 260 extrusion lines; production, high-voltage XLPE cable catenary line 50, the vertical line 10, the current is being imported into the production line of cross-linking and nearly as many as ten; irradiation cross-linked production lines and more than 30 sets of electron accelerators; and a considerable number of optical, physical foaming, silane cross-linked production lines and paint charter flights.

And foreign wire and cable equipment compared to most devices technology gap remains large, mainly in the production efficiency is low, not high degree of automation, greater energy consumption, on-line detection of failure, poor reliability, service is not timely .

Wire and cable equipment manufacturer dispersed repeated serious, similar products, both the lack of representatives of industry standards, a large internationally competitive companies or enterprise groups, nor the formation of product characteristics, according to economies of scale cooperation with the professional organization of production plant.

Wire and cable equipment manufacturers face numerous difficulties, market competition, efficiency decreased, self-transformation fatigue, lack of development potential. Electrical equipment factory manufacturing technology is still in the mechanized production stage, with foreign industrial countries began to develop a computer-controlled flexible, intelligent, integrated into automated production characteristics than there are stages in the production technology of the gap.