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Wire and cable market will reach $ 27 billion in 2015 in USA

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Global wire and cable market is favorable due to the countries of smart grid and broadband construction projects to promote, which is currently being restored, projections indicate that the U.S. market in 2015 will reach $ 27 billion.

At present, the scale of the global wire and cable market has more than 100 billion euros, and the range of the global wire and cable industry, the size of the market in Asia accounted for 37%, close to 30% of the European market, accounted for 24% of the American market, other markets accounted for 9%.

2015 wire and cable market will grow to $ 27 billion. "UL Greater China wire and cable business unit director Wu Weihong, held on April 9, 2013, China's wire and cable international market development and technical seminars.

Wu Weihong introduced from the start of 2009, the global cable market gradually recovered from the recession, the annual output value of the global cable market has reached 161 billion U.S. dollars. Low voltage cables (below 1KV) accounted for 38% of the power cables (> 1KV) accounted for 29%, accounting for 16% of the winding wire, cable accounted for 10% of the PV, data cable 4%, communication cable 3%.

Wu Weihong believe that developing economies growing faster than mature markets, accounting for nearly 58% of global demand. 2006-present, Europe, North America, Northeast Asia cable consumption is gradually reduced, and cable consumption in China has shown a sharp increase. Not the the foreign cable market reduced demand, but the global wire and cable manufacturing industry pattern change. Manufacturing costs rise, the global cable manufacturing industry is gradually transferred to developing countries.

According to statistics, the annual output value of the wire and cable market reached $ 20.1 billion, building lines accounted for 29% (about 5.9 billion U.S. dollars), accounting for 17% ($ 3.3 billion) power cable. Wu Weihong forecast, wire and cable market will grow to $ 27 billion by 2015. , Building cable will grow by 9.5%, the power cable to an increase of 4.7%.

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