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[ 11-15 16:26 ] The Robotics show succeeded ends, thanks to all friends for your considerable support
The 18th CIIF - Robotics show succeeded ends, thanks to all friends for your considerable support
[ 10-21 12:37 ] 18th China International Industry Fair(Shanghai)
Dorou Booth at CIIF(Robotics Show): A068 booth, Hall 8.1H, National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai).
[ 11-12 15:34 ] The current gap between the wire and cable industry
As national attention to infrastructure, such as the transformation of urban and rural power grid, the development of information highway, communications career to take off, the upgrading of electrical equipment and energy of the requirements is bound to the variety and level of wire and cable have made new requirements.
[ 11-12 15:28 ] Can the delivery of product be faster?
Cable from production to testing, to storage and delivery, we can complete within seven days, the special specifications require can be completed within 30 days, it is very fast compareing to the imported cables need 60-90 days, we're still working, we now have thousands of common specifications of inventory, we can shipped within 24 hours.
[ 11-12 15:18 ] Why is your price more expensive than other domestic company's?
If everyone according to uniform standards of production, testing, and assessment of life and price, our cables are the most cost effective, conductor materials we used are strict implementation of international standards.
[ 11-12 15:07 ] Can I have products delivered?
Our company promote high-quality, low-price policy, so we need a quick return of funds. In addition, The raw materials of our product are imported or from domestic famous enterprises, so our request for payment is high. I would like your company consider more about our quality and service, we are willing to work with your company to improve product competitiveness together.
[ 11-12 14:55 ] What is the difference between German cable and domestic cable?
The conductor of German cable is made of 99.99% pure copper. Insulation is made of high-intensity resistance to bending mixture of imported materials. It has strict process control to ensure product quality.
[ 11-12 14:42 ] Wire and cable market will reach $ 27 billion in 2015 in USA
Global wire and cable market is favorable due to the countries of smart grid and broadband construction projects to promote, which is currently being restored, projections indicate that the U.S. market in 2015 will reach $ 27 billion.
[ 11-12 14:42 ] The status of the wire and cable industry
China's rapid economic development, for the wire and cable operations to supply the huge mall space, are accounted for according to the China Machinery Industry Federation, in the previous 15 years, the average annual wire and cable operations to add more than...
[ 11-12 14:42 ] Aluminum alloy will be the star of the wire and cable industry
Aluminum alloy, either from the point of view of production costs, or be considered from the point of view of the scope of application, there is a great potential, is also very likely in the next few years instead of copper core.
[ 11-12 14:34 ] Robotic Applications: Flexible or High-Flex Cables
When looking to install a robot or an end effector, cabling is one of the important items to think about. Some may think that any simple cable, such as a communication cable or a power cable, would do the job for whatever you need. However, there exists many different types of cables and not all of them are suitable for robotic applications.
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