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The status of the wire and cable industry

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China's rapid economic development, for the wire and cable operations to supply the huge mall space, are accounted for according to the China Machinery Industry Federation, in the previous 15 years, the average annual wire and cable operations to add more than 15%.



Over the years, China's wire and cable industry is booming open and obtained impressive results. In the "second five" job program, electricity, railways, rail transportation, power, construction, communications, ship, automobile and other industries still adhere to a larger contribution to the wire and cable operations, which will supply many valuable opportunity, it will still be a country full of hope Xiangyang Industrial.

Although the job quickly open, but its Shique facing overcapacity, product quality is bleak, backward product solutions Job lower gross margin problems serious fight.

First and foremost, when its wire and cable operations produced will heterozygosity. Just 11.70% of the share of top 19 large company's share of the mall, 409 medium-sized company's share of the mall share of 36.90%. Most companies bound to the low level of competition in the program cost.

Second, the primary raw materials, copper prices rose sharply, causing the wire and cable company funds tight, slow capital turnover.

In addition, international wire and cable operations now constitute a pattern of several big giant exclusive to the foreign specialty cable products to enter the Chinese mall, exacerbated by the brutality of the game, some companies have been facing livelihood crisis.